Custom celery tasksΒΆ

WS task’s are celery tasks inheriting BPMTask. They must be in a module loaded by celery, the typical place it’s a file in the django application’s root. It’s strongly recommended to define also a form describing the task’s parameters, but not strictly necessary:

from ws.tasks import BPMTask
from ws import forms

class MultiplyTaskForm(forms.BPMTaskForm):
    a = forms.IntegerField(label='first number')
    b = forms.IntegerField(label='second number')

class MultiplyTask(BPMTask):
    form = MultiplyTaskForm

    def call(self, a, b):
        return a * b

Note that ws.forms module is used instead django.forms. ws.forms are basically ExtJS enabled django.forms.

It’s also possible to define certain actions that will take place when certain events happen:

class MultiplyTask(BPMTask):

    def call(self, a, b):
        return a * b

    def on_start(self, task_id, args, kwargs):
        print('Task ID: {}'.format(task_id))
        print('Received args: {}'.format(args))
        print('Received kwargs: {}'.format(kwargs))

    def on_success(self, retval, task_id, args, kwargs):
        print('Return value: {}'.format(retval))

    def on_failure(self, exc, task_id, args, kwargs, einfo):
        print('Exception: {}'.format(exc))

    def on_retry(self, exc, task_id, args, kwargs, einfo):

    def on_revoke(self, task_id, args, kwargs):
        print('Revoked :-/')